How can I look at another,
when my eyes still look for you
among a crowd of strangers
and among the places that
once had us

How can I hold another’s hand,
when my hand still misses yours
and the way that you once held it
whenever we were

How can I be in another’s arms,
when my body still wants
to be in yours alone
When my body still wants
to be wrapped by you

How can I kiss another’s lips,
when the taste of your lips
still lingers on mine
When the flavor of you is
my craving

How can I be with another,
when the memories are
as clear as ever
When there are still flashbacks
of us together

How can I love another,
when a part of me
has left with you
When a part of you
remains with me

And how, just how

How can I forget
the piece that had almost
fit mine
The piece that should have
fit mine

If it weren’t for that
dented edge

Remy Raine, “Your Last Remnants” (via remyraine)


I swear this blog just belongs to me. Until i find u. But even now when i think about someone who i can call u, i recall u. I dont know how long it will take to find a now one, to forget an old one. I just feel i have no courage again. No interests any more. Nothing can be worse that losing hope especially u are so sure it will come true.